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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drawings From Life

It has been my pleasure to teach Life Drawing to students at the DuCret School of Art in Plainfield New Jersey this past school year. Working from life is a key component in developing as an artist and my hope is to have conveyed the importance of life drawing in any aspect of visual art.
Drawing is one of the most immediate forms of expression in art. The drawing surface becomes transformed with our first marks, the image is tied to a personal response to visual cues processed through our own individual filters. The amount of pressure we exert on the pencil, how we lay in the tone, what we choose to emphasize or edit are all evident in the image we produce.
Drawing is the exercise that builds artistic muscle.
While drawing we can be working out the design of an image, a sense of light and form or flatness if we so desire. I challenge myself to employ different approaches to drawing and to tailor the handling to the situation at hand and the result I envision.


  1. To turn the form with tone and a suggestion of stroke direction, is calculated and deliberate or it wouldn't be successful.

  2. wonderful shades paul.... :)

    welcome to visit my new blog..... cheers,,, cheryl

  3. Good drawing of ... I forgot his name (dude with sideburns). I want to return your T. Chambelain book. Maybe I can leave it on your front door if your not home?