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Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Saturation

Thought I'd post these 2 watercolors to illustrate different approaches to the overall handling of color.
In "On the Grand Canal" I chose a vantage point that silhouetted the building in the foreground, gondolas and figures against the light reflecting off the canal. It offered an opportunity to use more subdued color choices and think more tonally.
In "Chiesa Dei Gesuati, Venice" the direction of the light source created a much more saturated color scheme. I liked echoing the red of the building, church roof and the top of the well.
In both paintings I built the image around a strong simple design primarily dividing the pictorial space by employing a triangle as the shape that dominated the flow and placement of forms.
You can trace out a triangle on it's side in "On The Grand Canal" by following the pattern of the gondolas from lower left to right and then back again.
In "Chiesa Dei Gesuati" the one point perspective creates a strong pattern of triangles.

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